Notes, tips and known issues:
- Apply all modifiers and transforms to objects before exporting vertices or faces.
- A large number of selections, or long frame duration can take a long time to process (face selections to precomposed shapes currently takes the longest amount of time to process). After Effects may appear frozen but it is processing the data required to re-create objects and faces as nulls and shape layers.
- You can cancel the import process in After Effects by pressing the ‘esc’ key.
- Non-planar Faces (in Edit Mode) and non-planar Planes (in Object Mode) are not currently supported as shape layers. 
- Multiple vertex or face selections are supported for individual objects only (not across multiple objects selected in Edit Mode).
- If the ‘Ae Path’ field contains a correct path but After Effects is not open, After Effects will open and close without saving.
- When exporting data from Blender, the After Effects application window resizes out of fullscreen mode. To prevent this you can use the ‘Maximize App Window’ shortcut ‘CTRL + \’ instead. This will prevent the application window from resizing.
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